After your surgery

What you need to know

Dr Stening, unless otherwise instructed, likes to review patients through his rooms 2 weeks post op. You will need to ring his office to make an appointment. A script for analgesia will be provided by Dr Stening’s Anaesthetist and this should be filled by outpatient pharmacy. Plan to take it slowly for the initial 2-3 days after surgery as this helps with recovery. Instructions will be provided re dressing care. Dr will assess the need for physiotherapy at the time of the initial post operative visit. This will depend on the particular procedure performed and/or your progress. If you have any concerns about your progress (e.g. worsening pain, temperatures or significant wound ooze) do not hesitate to contact either your GP or Dr Stening’s rooms. An operative report is forwarded to your referring GP so they should have information about your procedure.

Key information

  • Rest
  • Take adequate analgesia
  • Keep wounds dry and dressed
  • Make follow up appointment
  • If any concerns contact GP or Dr Stening’s rooms

Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any further questions about your procedure.